End of Summer Playlist

It’s been a summer of great music. (“New Rules” and “Attention”, anyone?)  As summer comes to a close, I find myself listening less to mainstream pop, and easing into autumn with more indie pop and alternative.  Here are a few of the songs I haven’t been able to stop listening to lately:

Take Me- Aly & AJ

Alright, try not to judge right away.  This is a fantastic synth-pop song with an 80’s feel, and a delightfully weird video that makes me want to wear a sweater in a hot tub.

Ondulation- Burning Peacocks

This one was basically my song of summer.  It’s an adorable French indie pop song that immediately puts me into a good mood.

Chateau- Angus & Julia Stone

My best friend showed me this one, and it quickly became a favorite.  The video is once again fantastic, and I love all of the vintage-style outfits.

I Don’t Know You- The Marias

These guys are relatively new, and I’m very excited to hear what else they come up with.  The vocals are lovely.  If you like the style of the video, I would definitely check out the band’s Instagram for amazing pictures.

Saw You in a Dream- The Japanese House

This one is more melancholy, but beautiful all the same.  It’s perfect for a walk through the fall rain.

Motion Sickness- Phoebe Bridgers

Another sweet song with very pretty vocals, and another video where I adore the singer’s style.

Don’t Delete the Kisses- Wolf Alice

I really like Wolf Alice, and this has become my favorite of their songs.  I’m also biased towards bands who reference books I love, and the fact that their name was inspired by a story in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber makes me like them all the more.

Seashore- The Regrettes

This is one I played on repeat this summer.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate when people talk down to me.  Singing along to this song is a great way to vent frustration when that happens.

Dress/Undress- QTY

When I want to balance out all of the cute indie pop, this straightforward song is a great option.  It’s chill, but a bit more on the rock/alternative side.

Sorry- Nothing but Thieves

This final song is another one I played constantly this summer.  I really love “Honey Whiskey” from the band’s last album, and have been enjoying this track just as much.


Happy listening!

All my love ❤



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