Must Do: León, Nicaragua

While I was only in Nicaragua for a month, I had an absolutely amazing time.  I met wonderful people, and saw some beautiful places.  If you ever find yourself in León, here are a few things you must do:

Go volcano boarding!

León is known as one of the only places in the world where you can board down an active volcano.  The board itself is basically a sled, which you use to slide down Cerro Negro.  It’s a pretty short hike, but if you’re like me and get dizzy easily, definitely bring extra water.  Boarding itself wasn’t as thrilling as I had hoped (though this was largely due to the fact that I am ridiculously uncoordinated and kept stopping), but the views from the volcano are pretty incredible.  They provide you with a jumpsuit, but I definitely recommend bringing a bandanna to protect your face from all of the dirt!


Check out the cathedral roof!

Before I even got to León, I knew I wanted to go on the roof of the main cathedral in town.  The roof is all white, and looks positively heavenly.  Figuring out how to get to the roof was a little difficult, but a kind lady helped my friends and I through it.  Basically, you have to pay in the back of the cathedral, and then someone will show you up the stairs.  This fully lived up to my high expectations, and was even more magical in person.  I’d recommend going in the morning, so it isn’t too hot and you can have the place to yourself.


Check out the beach at Playa Tesoro!

During the TEFL course, my friends and I had one Friday off.  We decided to get some much needed rest and relaxation at Playa Tesoro.  We rented a little house with a pool right on the beach.  Just a cab and boat ride away from León, it was absolutely perfect.  The stars were the most magnificent I had ever seen, and we were constantly amused by the cows and horses who liked to stop by and drink from the pool.  The waters are also much calmer there than at Las Peñitas, making swimming much more enjoyable.  If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, I would highly recommend it.


All my love ❤


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