The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Red Lipsticks

When it comes to makeup, I like maximum impact with minimal effort.  This is why I love bold lipsticks.  Just a swipe of red can brighten up your whole face, and make any outfit look more polished.  However, it’s important to me that my lipstick isn’t too fussy.  I love to eat, so I like a lipstick that can hold up to eating and drinking, or at least fade nicely.  I also go for lipsticks that are opaque in one swipe, and that can last hours without reapplying.

Over the past few years I have amassed quite a collection of lipsticks, and particularly of reds.  Here’s a rundown of my collection, and which brands are my favorites.  Get ready for a lot of awkward selfies!



Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick- Ever Red-dy (Liquid)

This is one of two drugstore brand red lip colors I have, and I really like it.  The liquid is very long lasting, and should hold up to a meal, as long as what you eat isn’t too greasy.  The color itself is drying, but it comes with a balm that keeps your lips comfortable.  It’s a good choice for a day out.  Unfortunately, when this does come off, it tends to chip like a shellac.  Reapplication can be tricky, so I tend to bring another lipstick with me to put on top and cover the chips.  Fully taking it off at night also requires oil.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Love That Red

As far as drugstore lipsticks go, Revlon is pretty great.  This one is a brighter red, but I think it is still quite flattering.  It goes on easily and comfortably.  The staying power is pretty good, and comparable to MAC.  You’ll definitely need to reapply after a meal, but should be okay with a drink.  My very first red lipstick was Revlon, and they are a great option for some just getting into lipsticks who doesn’t want to pay too much yet!



Aromi Cosmetics- Flamenco Red (Liquid)

Aromi is a great indie company that makes long lasting, matte liquid lipsticks.  I also have their hot pink shade, Electric Orchid, which I like, but get less use out of than this classic red.  This was one of the few lip colors I brought with me to Thailand, as I knew from a night out dancing in Portugal than it can stand up to heat and sweat without melting off.  It lasts very well for a night out, and you can eat with it on.  The only issues are that after a while it can be a bit drying, and putting lip balm on top can smear it and leave you looking a bit like the Joker.  It is also difficult to apply and reapply, so if I’m going to wear it all day, I will generally bring a traditional lipstick to layer on top.

Shiro Cosmetics- Justin Time, Red Wedding (Glosses)

During my period of obsession with indie makeup a couple of years ago, I fell in love with Shiro Cosmetics’ lip glosses.  Not only do they make beautiful shades, but they generally have pretty funny pop culture references to go along with them.  My first Shiro glosses were Nicolas Cage themed, and the tubes feature drawings of Mr.Cage in a Victorian dress and a flapper outfit.  At this time I purchased Red Wedding, a Game of Thrones-inspired dark red.  Later, as my obsession was dying down, Shiro came out with a special collection: boy bands!  More specifically they released lip glosses and blushes inspired by the members of Backstreet Boy and NSYNC.  I couldn’t resist, and bought Justin Time for its gorgeous, classic red color.  I also purchased the Nick Carter themed gloss, as Nick was my first crush, and I am nothing if not fiercely loyal to my favorite boy band members. (I still own his first solo album.)

As glosses, the staying power isn’t great.  You’ll have to reapply fairly often.  The plus side is that they are very moisturizing and comfortable.  Red Wedding is a bit sheer and patchy for my taste, but Justin Time applies really beautifully.



MAC- Russian Red

MAC has some of the most hyped lipsticks out there, so I was very excited to buy my first tube as I left Thailand.  While it’s good, to me you can get better lipsticks for the same price.  The color is nice, it smells great, and it is easy to apply.  However, it lasts like a typical lipstick.  It transfers easily, and you will definitely need to reapply after a meal.  While I am still going to wear Russian Red, I don’t see myself buying another MAC lipstick anytime soon.


Chanel Rouge Coco- Arthur

This one was a very generous gift from one of my friends. While the color is pretty and the packaging is sleek and embossed with the famous logo, overall this one was a bit of a disappointment for me.  The color goes on a bit sheer, and I prefer lipsticks that are more opaque without being built up.  It’s very moisturizing, but not very long lasting.  I would only recommend this if you need something very hydrating, or are a Chanel fan who  wants something from the brand but can’t afford the clothes.


Besamé Cosmetics- Red Velvet

My absolute favorite lipstick brand.  If you have the money to spend 22 dollars on a lipstick, I highly recommend Besamé!  I have Red Velvet and Merlot (a lovely wine color) and absolutely adore both.  The colors are gorgeous, and are reproductions of actual vintage colors from the 1920’s-1960’s.  The packaging is lovely and vintage-inspired as well.  They’re matte, but not too drying.  I find my lips will get dry after a few hours of wear, but a gloss or balm won’t ruin the lipstick.  My lipstick has stayed in tact through drinks and snacks, and it tends to fade nicely after a meal.  This is usually what I reach for if I’m planning on wearing lipstick all day, as reapplication is easy.


A few quick lipstick tips:

  • Liquid lipsticks have a bit more of a learning curve when it comes to application. However, if you do make a mistake, folded oil-based makeup remover pads can help you clean up the edges.
  • Bring a mirror with you for touch-ups.  I find my selfie camera is never clear enough to properly check  my lipstick after a meal. A compact mirror is much more effective.
  • Go for a blue undertone.  While many people base whether or not to get a warm (more orange) or cool (more blue) toned lipstick on their coloring, I personally have never noticed much of a difference in terms of how flattering colors are based on skin undertone. Instead, I always go for a blue-based red lipstick as it can make your teeth look whiter.
  • To keep from getting lipstick on your teeth: stick a finger in your mouth and pop it out.  The lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will get on your finger instead.
  • Overall with lipstick, I find you get what you pay for, but only to a point.  Around $20 seems to be the typical cost for a great quality, long-wearing lipstick.  The drugstore has good options for closer to $10, but I can’t recommend any of the very expensive brands I’ve tried.


All my love ❤


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