My Favorite Things to Do in Sydney

After Melbourne, I headed to Sydney, Australia, where I would spend Christmas.  I didn’t do as much in Sydney as I had originally planned.  I had a couple of days where migraines and dizziness kept me in the hotel, and others where the rooftop pool and my room’s giant bathtub did.  However, I did do a few things that I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Sydney.

Take a walk through the Botanic Gardens to the Opera House

My first order of business when I arrived in Sydney was to check out the iconic Opera House.  Luckily, this was an easy walk from the hotel I stayed at near Hyde Park.  Sydney boasts a very beautiful city center.  On the walk to the Opera House I went right through the Botanic Gardens, which, as in Melbourne, are free to the public.  I walked by lovely rose gardens, statues, and water features.  It’s a very beautiful place.  Soon enough, I was at the Opera House.  It was very crowded, but worth it to check out the architecture up close.  You also get a great view of Sydney Harbor Bridge from this area.  Once I had seen enough, I walked along the water and back through the gardens.  This walk won’t take you very long, but you’ll see a lot of beautiful sights.

Check out the art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to see art from around the world.  Although the Art Institute of Chicago is an amazing museum, it generally focuses on American and European artists.  As such, I was very excited to see some works by Australian artists, particularly Aboriginal art.  The Art Gallery of NSW did not disappoint, and had a really fantastic collection of Australian art.  The museum itself is free, although I found it was worth it to pay a bit extra to see the special exhibit that was on while I was there, which explored the role of the nude in art.  Any fan of art or museums should definitely add this to their to-do list in Sydney!


Meet a koala at Wildlife Sydney Zoo

One thing I really wanted to do in Australia was to see some amazing Australian animals.  However, I wanted to do this in an ethical way.  Wildlife Sydney Zoo is far from perfect (it is a zoo after all), but it allowed me to get close to a koala without actually holding one. (Generally if an animal attraction lets you touch an animal, it’s really not good for the animal.) The zoo itself was tiny, but it let me see kangaroos, koalas, and even one adorable little quokka.  The koalas were easily the best part.  For an extra fee, you could get your picture taken with the koalas, which included an adorable mother and baby duo.  If you do opt to go, it is well worth the extra money!

All my love ❤


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