How to Spend a Day in Melbourne

Melbourne is an amazing city with a really cool vibe. When I first came in from the airport, I was reminded of Chicago in summer.  The broad highways leading up to a gorgeous skyline could have been the exact same, if only the bus was on the right side of the road.  I stayed in the lovely area of St. Kilda, which is right on the beach and has great restaurants and a cute, vintage feel.  When I headed into the city, I was lucky enough to have tons of recommendations from two lovely locals I met during my internship, Mel and Elsie (Thanks, girls!).  They let me know about some amazing spots, and I’ll share them with you!

I started the day by hopping on the tram into the city.  The trams are super easy to use, all you need is a myki card, which you can get at bigger stops or the old Thailand favorite, 7-11.  The tram from St.Kilda takes you right to my first stop of the day- the Royal Botanic Gardens.  Walking in, I was again reminded of home.  It was strikingly similar to one of my absolute favorite places in the Chicago suburbs- the Morton Arboretum.  Both have cute cafes, gift shops, and lovely trees and flowers as soon as you walk in.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Royal Botanic Gardens, unlike the Arboretum, are free, though there is a place to make a donation if you’d like.  I began to walk around, with no particular destination in mind.  There are helpful signs along the path that point out different notable features.  Getting hungry, I headed towards the tea rooms.  I walked by palm trees, small ponds, and cute little shelters on my way there.  The tea rooms themselves consisted of a little café by a pond (where you could get rowed around on an adorable gondola-style boat) that had pretty good food served by a nice lady who adorably called me “darling” in every sentence.

After lunch I headed back out to explore the rest of the gardens.  I came across an adorable rose garden, a “California” garden, and one filled with tons of cacti.  My favorite part was Guilfoyle’s Volcano, which as you probably guessed is not a volcano at all.  Instead it is a water reservoir, with “islands” on top that help keep the water clean.  It was really lovely.

Leaving the gardens, I crossed the street to the Shrine of Remembrance.  This monument serves as a memorial to the Australian soldiers who have died in war.  It’s a very well done monument, with a nice view of the city.

My next stop was Eureka Skytower.  It was an easy walk from the Shrine of Remembrance, on a street filled with joggers next to some pleasant green spaces.  As I approached the tower, the area had more of a true city feel.  I realized how much I had missed walking by skyscrapers in a big city.  Walking in, the line to pay was very short and I was quickly on the elevator up to the 88th floor.  The views were stunning.  Melbourne has a beautiful skyline, and the water in the background is just the cherry on top.  I enjoyed the view as I waited for my turn to experience “The Edge”, an attraction at the Skytower that involves standing in a glass box that moves out of the building, so that you can see the street below you.  It’s a bit cheesy, and you can’t take any of your own pictures.  However, I think it was worth it, if only because as I was buying my photo, I saw that the Vengaboys had done it.  Who wouldn’t want to stand in the same place as the Vengaboys?

After the Skytower, I decided to wander a bit.  I feel like this is the best way to see a city, just walking anywhere that seems cool without a plan or a map. I ended up walking by Federation Square, and down a street near the river.  As I walked down, I started seeing signs for an exhibition of Banksy works.  I decided to check it out, and while it wasn’t much, it was free and there was a pretty cool painting of Kanye.  I kept walking, and came to a bridge near the Cricket Grounds that played traditional music from a bunch of different countries.  I walked over to Yarra Park, and after sitting for a bit decided to head back the way I came toward Hosier Lane.  On the way, an area of metal sculptures was playing Christmas songs.  It was a bit surreal, as although Christmas is days away, the weather here and in Thailand has made me feel like summer simply never ended.


I made my way to Hosier Lane, one of Melbourne’s famous laneways known for its street art.  It’s definitely worth a look, if not for the graffiti itself, then for all of the tourists taking selfies along the walls.

As it approached dinner time, I walked back along the river.  I approached Southgate Mall, which advertised restaurants within.  After doing a round checking out my options, I surprised myself by opting for Japanese instead of something cheese-filled.  I enjoyed a vegetarian bento box and a beer as I read my book.  Afterwards, I found a bench along the river and just watched the sunset.  I took in the beautiful view until my phone died, and I got back on the tram back to the hostel.  It was my ideal day, filled with moments where I felt immersed in nature and in awe of the city.  I really love Melbourne, and I will definitely have to make a trip back!


All my love ❤


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